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As covid restrictions ease, aggregate matches have resumed on Monday evenings for gents and Wednesday afternoon for ladies.  Kelvin Allander league matches have also started for the gents, and a restricted progam of competitions will take place. (Entry sheets are available at the club)

Members no longer have to book a rink in advance, but should complete the track and trace sheets in the clubhouse or bowls house before playing.

Green opening - Season 2021- Saturday 10th April

Message from President Ginny Thorburn  (edited June)

Dear All

First of all, a huge thanks to the 17 or so volunteers who turned out  to prepare the green for play. 
Last season, we set up a bowling WhatsApp group.  This lets you send a message to the group to say you have booked a rink and ask if anyone else wants to play, or to see that others have booked rinks and are looking for players to join.  In practice, a group of us used the WhatsApp to indicate that we would be available to play on a particular day/time. We all turned up and then divided ourselves into rinks by ballot.  The group is a mixed group, ladies and men, and play can take place on any day of the week.
(If you have not used WhatsApp before, its very easy to download the app from the internet to your smart phone.  It is also very secure.)
If you use WhatsApp and you would like to join the group, please email or text me (07768 411 712) and I will add your name.

Please also read the safety rules regarding green and bowls hut access by clicking here.

To those members who have already paid their fees a big thank you. If you have not paid yet you can still pay your fees, either by cheque direct to the Treasurer or Bank Transfer
(bank sort code 83 25 15; A/c 00728670; add your name as a reference)


Some things never change!

News For 2020 has been moved to History section

Web Changes

bulletUpdate June 21
bulletUpdate on season 2021 on 14th April
bulletUpdate after Opening day April 2019
bulletUpdate March 2019 New Directors
bulletUpdate after Finals Day 2018
bulletUpdate after Finals Day 2017
bulletUpdate after opening 2017
bulletUpdate after finals for 2015
bulletUpdate after Opening Day 2015
bulletNews for 2014 moved to History section
bulletMatch Secretary added to Directors, and news for 2013 moved to History section
bullet'News', 'Social Events'  and 'Calendar' updated 13th April after Opening Day
bulletSite updated 3rd April with news of first Lady President
bulletSite updated in March after AGM. News for 2012 transferred to  History section
bulletLadies page updated after opening 2012
bulletNews for 2011 has been transferred to the History section
bulletNews for 2010 has been transferred to the History section
bulletSeptember 2008  An update after finals day which saw 17 year old Ken Carlin win the Championship, causing much anguish among his elders, but obviously not betters!
bullet4th January 2006 At last , an update!  A photo showing the clubhouse in the 1960's before the lounge extension was added. Other hot news from the carpet bowls section is the restoration of the very popular Chip Convenor post which has resulted in food arriving late on Friday evenings. It is just as well that the wives of certain members do not browse this website and see how their best efforts at keeping their men in trim condition are being badly undermined!
bullet5th September 2004 Global warming?? Click this link to our photo page.


July 2010- Hosting of website changed to 100webspace which will result in an advertising banner across the top, but hopefully more frequent updates.

January 2010- Un update with much older material removed

September 2008: A belated update for the 2008 season 

March 2006: Pages reorganised after AGM

January 2005- An update and a fresh 'theme'.

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