You enter this page at your own risk!! The committee members are called Directors as it makes them think they are important, so that they do all sorts of unpaid work for the club.  Their main job is to act as a target for complaints and grumbles - or so it seems at times!!

Office Bearers (until February 2016)

President    V-President and Bar Convenor    Match Secretaries and Secretary   

Treasurer,Catering & Social Convenors , Master of Works    Green Convenor and New Directors


The President-  Alex Sinclair

Alex will be looking for support from members during the season, which will be a test for his genial manner!

Vice President - Greig Harrison

Greig has agreed to take on this task during the summer

Bar Convenor-  George McLaughlin

George did so well as Bar Convenor last year that no one would take it on this year, so he is keeping things ticking over at the moment


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Match Secretary (Men)-

Situation Vacant- Match committee will share tasks

Match Secretary (Women) - Mary Cochrane

Mary continues with this thankless task for the ladies games




Honorary Secretary- Bill Gilfillan

Bill has returned to this post after a few years of relaxation. Maybe he got a pen for Christmas!

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Honorary Treasurer- Ronnie Bex/John Huntley

These two gentlemen have stepped in to share the duties when Margaret Kenley moves to her new house in the highlands.


Social Convenor - Chris Lebessis

Chris has taken on this post and has already introduced some new ideas

Master of Works - David Brown

Past President David is a former marine engineer and is well versed in the art of hitting things with a hammer to make them work. He has already left his mark on the clubhouse by knocking bricks out of the wall to help with ventilation, and persuading a jammed roller shutter to resume operation, and should be even more useful when he finds out what other tools are for.

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Green Convenor - Jim Gilchrist

Jim's background as a professional gardener makes him a good choice for this post. Any problems with the green are due to 'the weather'...










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