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Our 2004 celebrations started on a lovely day on Saturday 1st May with a match against rinks representing the SBA, GBA and Past Presidents of the club. 

play1.jpg (36413 bytes) Play in progress. (Click on the thumbnails for a larger picture, then the Back button on your browser to come back to this page.)play2.jpg (31987 bytes)




deserted.jpg (25378 bytes)Where have all the players gone? For those unfamiliar with the bowling world, a deserted head like this during a match is a mystery, but bowlers will know exactly where everyone is!!


gbasba1.jpg (15198 bytes)After the game, the SBA and GBA representatives presented mementos of the occasion to President Gillies Lang.

lasgroup1.jpg (47148 bytes)Lesmahagow and Bearsden players gather on the green with the sponsor's banner!



lesplay2.jpg (43665 bytes)Play in progresslesplay1.jpg (44573 bytes)




And tea to follow ....lestea.jpg (24537 bytes)lestea2.jpg (41767 bytes)

ttad.jpg (33880 bytes)Tom Turkington telling tall tales!

Annual Triples Competition on 24th July
weather.jpg (79254 bytes) Started in typical Scottish summer conditions, in which the view from the bar was popular.view from bar

scoreboard.jpg (65683 bytes)Teams kept up to date with progress from the scoreboard until the final was played in sunshine!



th.jpg (65194 bytes)sstm.jpg (82184 bytes)Tom Hamilton shows good style in his delivery, but Scottish Indoor Champion Stuart Sloan shows his red bowls know the way to the jack outdoors, too!


Scottish summer arrives!

flood.jpg (38107 bytes) The weather in August was unduly wet, and our Green Convenor took this image to show that we could have opened as a swimming pool.  After one cloudburst during the Ladies afternoon, they had to rescue their bowls from the green by taking off shoes and socks and paddling out for them when the game was abandoned!


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