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Bearsden Bowling Club

Welcome to our web site!! 
Although lawn bowls is regarded as a game for old guys and gals, this website is just to prove that modern technology has not completely passed us by.   We have to admit that some of us are getting past our 'sell by' date and there is a regrettable if understandable enthusiasm for sponsorship to be offered by local undertakers, but you can be assured that there is life and laughter in all of us.  I should point out that all you see here is not necessarily approved of by the committee of the club, who might be worried about legal action. 

New members required- special rates available-more details from Secretary  (0141 5877230)

Upcoming Events:
29th September- Guest Chef (Demo of Scottish Cuisine, tasting, and Country dancing)

28th October- Annual Prizegiving Dinner

3rd November- Gents Night

18th November- Jazz night

16th December- Xmas dance

17th February 18- Quiz Night


Please use the buttons on the left to find out more about us, and the information at this link if you wish to contact us for any reason.

Please note that photos may be displayed at full size by clicking on them.  

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Last modified: April 04, 2014