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At Bearsden we strongly believe that it is the taking part that counts, and that the results don't really matter- in other words we're not really all that good and don't win very much.

( Former Match Secretary David Winks thinks I have made a slip of the keyboard buttons in the above and it should read "it is the taking apart that counts", but that is just typical of a Match Secretary, isn't it?)

However over the years, individuals and teams have won various events in the wider world of bowling and some are listed below.


Alistair Gunn won the Bowls Scotland District Senior Singles and a Bronze Medal at the National Finals.


Frank Kennedy and Alistair Gunn won the Milngavie Senior Pairs competition.


Tom Turkington and Frank Kennedy won the Kelvin Allander Pairs Competition.


Alistair Gunn won the Kelvin Allander League 'Champion of Champions' competition.
Alastair Linley and Frank Kennedy were runners up in the GBA pairs competition.


Frank and Christina Kennedy reached the semi finals of the Scottish Mixed Pairs competition, winning the bronze medal.

Seniors won the Kelvin Allander Seniors League


Bill Milroy, Jim Dempster, Ian Bowie and Frank Kennedy won the GBA Senior Fours


Seniors won the Kelvin- Allander League
Ken Carlin won Milngavie Bowling Club Junior tournament
Peter Peebles, Gillies Lang, Alistair Gunn and Gordon Smith won the GBA Coronation Cup
David Winks, Jim Macphie and Tom Hamilton won the Bearsden  B.C. Open Triples


The club has survived 125 years!!
David Macdonald won the Bob Kissach Trophy


David Macdonald won the Kelvin- Allander 'Champion of Champions'.

Senior Four (Harry Jolly, Eddie Davies, David Brown and Fred Park) reached the Finals of  Glasgow Bowling Association Senior Fours competition.


Seniors won the Kelvin-Allander Seniors league


Seniors won the Kelvin-Allander Seniors league


Bearsden Bowling Club won Glasgow Cup


This is not an exhaustive list as records are not complete, and I would be grateful if omissions are brought to my notice.


Last modified: April 04, 2014